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          Model:Efficient waste heat source screw water (ground) source heat pump unit, the water source screw water (ground) source heat pump unit
          Product Category:Water source heat pump
          The use of high-temperature water source heat pump dedicated screw compressor and overflow overflow heat transfer technology, unit energy efficiency ratio of up to 5.6;
          Using the most advanced fourth-generation full-liquid evaporation special efficient heat transfer tube, its unique tooth structure, to ensure efficient heat exchanger heat transfer performance, the total heat transfer coefficient of dry evaporator more than three times , Effectively improve the unit's evaporation temperature, unit energy efficiency can be increased by 12%;
          The fuzzy control principle is used to detect the hot water load, and the capacity of the control unit is low, and the energy consumption of the part can be reduced by 15%.
          The use of a new generation of needle-shaped articulated high-performance condensate tube, heat transfer area, heat transfer effect; Guoxiang patented design of the internal separator plate, which can effectively avoid the upper heat exchanger tube condensation after the liquid for the lower Heat pipe bundle effect, the condensation effect is better; unique cold section design, can effectively improve the unit's cooling capacity and energy efficiency.
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